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it’s time to simplify your space & take back your sanity.

Discover how to declutter and organize your home, without screaming at your family or crying on the bathroom floor.

Cut the clutter and finally breathe again in your home

You want a clean, organized home that serves your family well, but right now there’s so much chaos inside your four walls you can barely function.

Take heart. There’s a solution.

i’m here to help you reclaim your domain 🏠

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Make today the day things finally change in your home.

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Feeling too stressed to start?

In the words of Mrs. Doubtfire, “Help is on the way, dear!”

You’re desperate for change, but getting motivated to begin feels impossible. Snag the FREE Reclaim Your Domain Starter Guide and make massive progress in your home in a matter of minutes. Its quick, actionable steps will leave you feeling empowered and ready for more, without making a bigger mess than you started with.

Meet Karen. Reformed mess-maker. Aspiring minimalist.

After 10 years of pursuing minimalism and learning how to live with less, I thought I had things figured out. But, after marriage and a couple of kids, my home quickly got knocked down on the list of priorities.

The clutter felt suffocating! I found myself constantly overwhelmed, easily irritated, and not nearly as patient as I wanted to be with my kids or my husband.

I knew I needed to ruthlessly declutter our home, but I needed a new way. I no longer had weekends and summers off to dedicate to huge projects. Instead, I needed to create systems that worked in the margins of my day while at home with the kids. Over time, I shifted my mindset, tweaked my approach, and removed over 6,000 items from our home.

Getting our home decluttered has changed my life, and now I help other mamas find the same freedom.

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