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How to declutter quickly with a 100 item challenge

In this post: What’s the secret for making big decluttering progress in a short amount of time?  Infusing some organizing adrenaline with a 100 item declutter challenge! Learn how to declutter quickly with a one hour challenge, and grab the free checklists to help if you get stuck!

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How often do you put something off simply because you’re not sure where to start?

What if you could turn your someday into today, simply by just beginning?

If you’re tired of the constant mess and ready to purge your home, read on to discover how to declutter quickly with a 100 item challenge and clear the clutter in just an hour!

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Benefits of decluttering your home with a challenge

If you’ve been around here for more than 0.2 seconds, you know I love a good challenge! I’ve tackled many a declutter goal by incorporating challenges.  

You can hear more about my love for challenges in my podcast interview on the Wannabe Minimalist Show (note: this interview was under my former site name, Slow Motion Mama).

There are lot of benefits of decluttering your home with a challenge:

  1. Challenges remind you that you’re capable of achieving more than you think.
  2. They remind us that often, the limits that we *think* we have exist only in our minds.
  3. Challenges can reveal your true potential because they show you what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

How to declutter fast with a 100 item challenge

If you’re ready to learn how to declutter your home fast, look no further than the 100 in 60 home decluttering challenge. As the name implies, this decluttering method that challenges you to declutter 100 items from your home in only 60 minutes.  

The goal of the process is to motivate you to take quick and decisive action about items that can be removed from your space. The last thing you want to do is start with sentimental or special items.  

Instead, the heart of this home decluttering challenge lies in your ability to make quick, easy decisions.  To do that, we will focus on simple decisions, like scouring your house for trash, broken items, or items that have outlived their usefulness.

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Drowning in a sea of stuffed animals and stinky laundry?

Snag the FREE guide and learn how to turn the tide on clutter, once and for all!

How can I declutter my house quickly?

The secret to how to declutter fast relies on a few key mindsets: confidence in your decision, trust in your ability to make good choices, and the willingness to let go of the things that are not serving you.

If you need help developing these mindsets, the best way is to practice!  Decluttering and purging your home is a skill, much like anything else.  The more you practice and implement the process into your life, the better you will become. If your goal is to learn how to declutter your home fast, you must practice the skill of decluttering. There is no shortcut.

It might feel overwhelming at first, but as you practice the art of decluttering and simplifying your space, you’ll grow in confidence in your decision making.  As you progress through the hour, you begin to find a rhythm. 

Every time you make a decision about an item, you sharpen your decluttering skills.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes to eliminate unnecessary items from your space. Decisions that once took five minutes will take only seconds.  As a result, you’ll become an expert in how to declutter fast.

What is the fastest way to purge clutter?

While a timed home decluttering challenge might not suit everyone, if you enjoy competition and working to achieve a goal, this 100 item challenge will be just up your alley!

The time element of the challenge is one of the greatest motivators.  Since you only have one hour to purge 100 items from your home, it forces you to take quick, decisive action.  You don’t have five or ten minutes to debate the merits of keeping or removing that old high school sweatshirt- you must work fast! 

The pace of the challenge keeps you actively engaged, scouring your home for potential decluttering targets!

If you’re short on time, you might find carving an hour out of your schedule a few times a week is much easier to do than setting aside a day or an entire weekend to purge your home.  

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What if I don’t have the time to declutter?

Can’t envision having an entire hour to complete this 100 item challenge? Make it work for you! Shoot for four 15 minute sessions or 6 sessions that are 10 minutes long. 

However you need to break it down is fine. Just aim for 100 items by the end of the cumulative hour. Progress over perfection, mama.

Other Home Decluttering Challenges:

Home Decluttering Checklist

Learning how to declutter quickly with the 100 item challenge is a great way to overcome paralysis by analysis.  If decision making is not your forte, you might find a home decluttering challenge helps you get out of your own way.  

But, if the added pressure of a time deadline makes you want to freak out, I’ve got you covered! 

Download the FREE Reclaim Your Domain Starter Guide.  It has 13 pages of decluttering tips and support, including a two page list of commonly decluttered household items.  It’s organized by room type and category, so you can quickly find the low hanging fruit everywhere in your home. 

Simply print off the lists and move through each room of the checklist, using them to spark ideas for possible decluttering targets!

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Start the 100 item challenge today

Alright, it’s time for a little less talk and a lot more action!  Don’t procrastinate on your dreams of an organized home any longer.  Find your motivation and learn how to declutter fast with the 100 item challenge.  

And remember, you don’t have to go it alone!  Download the free Reclaim Your Domain Starter Guide and work your way through the room checklists.  Plus, the guide has lots of other tips and tricks to help you purge your home quickly and easily.

Now, blast your favorite soundtrack and practice learning how to declutter your home fast with the 100 item challenge!

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